3PCS Upgraded Dough Presser Set-Diameters 4/ 5/ 6

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3PCS Upgraded Dough Presser Set-Diameters 4/ 5/ 6

Create Restaurant Quality Dumplings Easily With This Amazing Presser Set!


This Dough Presser Set might just bethehappiest cookware in your kitchen.They’llput a smile on anyone’s face and keep your stomach happy!

Make hand pies. dumplings. empanadas. and much more easilywith our unique Dough Presser Set.Theonce labor-intensive process has been reduced to four simple steps.Simplycut. fill. fold. and pressto sealdelicious ravioli. calzones. and pastries.They feature adecorative crimped edge designand the dough cutter on the back of the presscuts dough to perfectly fit the press.



  • Multifunctional design:A decorative crimped edge design helps seal your favorite fillings inside & looks great for presentation. The backside features a circle for cutting out dough to the perfect size.
  • Food prep made easy:Simply fill the center. moisten the crimpled edges and close it up for a tight seal.
  • Stylish design & Solid functionality:Stylish design with no-nonsense functionality.
  • Crimped edge design:Gives your pastry a professional look while keeping dumplings sealed tight.
  • Food grade ABS material. hygienic. environmentally friendly. antibacterial. durable. and easy to clean.
  • 3-Piece set of various sizes:10cm. 12cm and 15cm. You’ll always have the right size tool for the right job.
  • Dishwasher safe



  • Material: PP
  • Color: Red. Blue. White
  • Diameters:
    • S: 15cm
    • M: 12cm
    • L: 10cm



  • 3pcsUpgraded Dough Presser Set



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