Pro Butt-Lift Shaping Patch Set

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Pro Butt-Lift Shaping Patch Set

Easily Go From Flat To Lifted And Reshaped Back-ends!

Do you want a bigger bum without working for it?

OurButt-Lift Shaping Patchgives youaninstant well as improves otherbuttproblems likeflatness. roughness. and cellulite congestion.

Blended withall-natural herbsandhyaluronic acid.the patcheffectively andsafelyenhancesthetightness andcontourof your buttby infusingskin-plumpingnutrientsdeeply.

Rich inanti-oxidantingredients.simply apply the patch to improveskin elasticitywithdeep moisturizing. to get a smooth and firm butt.


  • Natural lifting. firming. and sculptingof the round and perkybutt.
  • Visibleenlarged. uplifted. bouncierbutt in15-30minutes.
  • Eliminates skin.andflatnesscaused byaging.unhealthy lifestyle. etc.
  • Anti-cellulite. anti-wrinkle.and restores yourskin’s elasticity.
  • Deep-layernourishmentof ingredients toenhancesmoothness.
  • Stimulates thecollagenandcell tissue activationwithcontinual use.
  • Promotesbloodcirculationto increaseplumpness.
  • Easy absorbingplant-basedcomponentsforintensehydration.
  • Hypoallergenicand safefor all skin types.


  1. Clean and thoroughly dry your butt
  2. Peel off the plastic liner and apply the patch on the butt
  3. Let the patch stay for15-30 mins
  4. Remove the mask and gently massage the essence left until fully absorbed


  • Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid.Natural Herbal Extracts
  • Weight: 30g/ pc


  • 1 set x Butt-Lift Shaping Patch (4Pcs)


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