Reusable Fly Trap

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Reusable Fly Trap

Get Rid Of Those Pesky Flies For Good!

Ever wish you couldeasily get rid of all the flies buzzing around your yardirritating you. your children. horses. and pets? Take care of these horrible flies bybaiting them to an area away from your family & then trapping them with this SunshineReusable Fly Trap!

Flies aren’t only annoying.they’re also extremely dangerous!They carry bacteria and diseases thatcan contaminate your food and home environment. Our Reusable Fly Trapis theproven. most effective way to instantly start reducing the number of flies in any area.So. if you are tired of flies bugging you thenpick up a few of these fly traps today and eradicate the problem immediately!


  • Trap Flies-The fly net trap lures in flies to feed on the bait. as the fly enters inside the will not be able to figure out how to get back out.
  • Homemade BaitBaiting flies is as easy as putting some expired food into the bait bowl or some old fish bait. Flies love anything that is smelly and disgusting so the bait is not hard to come by.
  • Attract –Using the trap to attract the flies will clear other areas that you would otherwise not want the flies in. We never place our fly net traps in the problem area but instead outside of the area. For instance. we set the flytraps outside of the stable away from the horses. The fly population will start shifting away from the horses go towards the trap.
  • Population Control –After just a few weeks we see the fly populations start to dwindle drastically and this helps to keep the property from becoming overwhelmed.
  • Happy Life –Now we can enjoy our outside activities without those pesky flies torturing our family! Oh did we mention? Our horses and pets are way happier!


  • EASY TO USE Simply hang the trap in your yard and let it attract flies with natural bait that you supply. Simply add fruits. fish bait. or other delicacies that flies can’t resist and let nature run its’ course!
  • KID AND ANIMAL-FRIENDLYSafe to use around the home. outside of restaurants. and in livestock barns. Because natural bait is used. you and your family are free from exposure to chemicals used in other fly repellents.
  • DURABLE – Made with lightweight. weather-resistant wire and plastic mesh. the Fly Net Trap can be used outdoors in all types of climates.
  • REUSABLE FLY BAG – Empty your fly trap by disconnecting the bait pot and inverting the mesh funnel. Dead flies come falling out with ease. Then re-hang your trap and add more bait. Be sure to replace bait regularly to keep attracting flies.


  • Material: Metal Wire + Gauze + Plastic
  • Size: Diameter 25cm. Height 32cm


  • 1 x Reusable Fly Trap


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