Screw Extractor (4pcs/5pcs/6pcs)


  • Silver (4 PCS)
  • Gold (4 PCS)
  • Silver (5 PCS)
Screw Extractor (4pcs/5pcs/6pcs)

Remove Broken & Damaged Screws Efficiently And Quickly!

Dealing with a broken screw? Use thisScrew Extractor set and take it out in no time! Consisting of a set of 4/5/6 different sized drill bits. it’s the ideal tool for removing screws in wallboards. wood. and sheet metal. This extractor set is suitable for the most common drill bits. and can be used on screws or bolts of any size.


  • REMOVE DAMAGED SCREWS EFFICIENTLY: Specially designed to easily remove stripped or damaged screws and bolts in wallboards. wood and sheet metal.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS:Made of superior high-speed steel with high hardness and anti-corrosive features. Ensures a high efficiency and stable performance. Great for removing stripped. broken. rusted. unscrewed. free-spinning and deck screws.
  • EASY TO USE:More convenient than double-sided screw removers. All you need is an electric drill to go along with the extractor bit!
  • VARIOUS SIZING OPTIONS:Includes 4/5/6different sizesin one set. which is suitable for most drills and sizes of screws or bolts. This screw remover set works on Allen bolts. Machine Screws. Lag Bolts. Wood Screws. Hex Bolts. Sheet Metal Screws. Rounded Bolts. etc.


  • Material:High Speed Steel
  • Size:


  • 4/5/6 Pcs x Screw Extractor


Silver (4 PCS), Gold (4 PCS), Silver (5 PCS), Gold (5 PCS), Silver (6 PCS), Gold (6 PCS)


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