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Abs Toner Men Shaping Shirt

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Tone And Shape Your Body Instantly!


Thisbody-toning slim wearis theshapewear men WANT to wear!TheAbs Toner Men Shaping Shirt'ssuper-slimming secret is its specially-designed360-degree Tone Technologywith the precision core stabilizing compression panels that target key problem areas for men.

Made from aunique. cross-knit design fabric. men can look slimmer instantly!Simplywear it underneath your clothes.at work. the gym. or out and about! The scientificdesign and compressionof this body shaping vest help youflatten the abdomen.firm the tummy. and hide the man boobs and beer bellyINSTANTLY.


  • FAT BURN ASSISTANCE -Breathable enoughto improveyour blood circulation and fat burning. Strongly shapes your chest while working out in the gym.
  • BODY SHAPER- Immediate slimming effects on your chest. waist. and stomach while wearing it underneath all types of clothing.
  • COMFORTABLE-Made using a strong weave of nylon and spandex. the comfortable and highly elastic fibers ensure that it does not irritate your skin during the heavy work-out session.
  • SEAMLESS- This shirt is perfectly tailored to be seamless and invisible under any garment but presentable to be worn on its own.



  • Material:Nylon. Spandex


  • 1 x Abs Toner Men Shaping Shirt