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Aluminum Foil Kitchen Stickers Self Adhesive Oil Proof Stove Cabinet Stickers

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Product Features:

  • This product is widely used.
  • A clean. clean surface can be used. Sales all over the country. buyers can stick to themselves.
  • Good quality and affordable. affordable. House renovation. renovation of old houses. rental housing. shops. furniture. etc.
  • The back of the wall sticker comes with glue.
  • Waterproof. no fading. no curling. dirty and can be scrubbed.
  • It can be directly attached without lifting the glue.


  • No need to brush the glue. you can directly paste the decoration. easy to use. the surface of the wallpaper can be scrubbed. the back has glue (no need to glue). just like the big head sticker is easy to paste.
  • The wallpaper is colorful and diverse. the pattern is rich. safe and environmentally friendly. and the construction is convenient.
  • The wallpaper has certain sound absorption. heat insulation. mildewproof and antibacterial functions.
  • It can be better anti-aging. insect-proof. non-toxic. non-polluting.
  • The surface is easy to clean.
  • It has become a trend and trend of home improvement.

¡¤ Peel off and apply at any smooth dry flat surface. such as furniture. the wall in the kitchen. bedroom or living room.

¡¤ Removable and repositionable with no sticky residue. perfect for cabinet stove wall. foryour kitchenandyour house.

¡¤ Fastand Easy Application ¨CJust peel and stick these vinyl decals on any clean and smooth surface to quickly add a fashion style to your wall.

¡¤ Pattern: Plane Wall.

Using Methods

¡¤ Waterproof.anti-dustandmildew proof. Great for cabinet. tile. wall and kitchen usage.

¡¤ Do not need glue. self-adhesive! Durable. long service time!Oilproof. easy to clean! Waterproof. moisture-proof!

¡¤ Fire prevention.

¡¤ Easy to apply- Can be applied to any smooth surface. such as glass door. window pane. ceramic tiles in kitchen or bathroom. glasses. home appliance. air-condition and car body.

¡¤ Great for countertops. tables & floors.Use in bathrooms. kitchens. closets. laundry rooms. school projects. workshops. office. craft projects. & furniture. Cover cabinets. doors. countertops. shelves. & walls



  • Aluminum-foilpaper.


  • Silver

Product size

  • 40CM*200CM/60CM*200CM

Package Contents

  • Kitchen oil-proof stickers¡Á 1