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Pure Home Beeswax Polish

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ThePure Home Beeswax Polishis a great natural helper topolish. repair and restore the natural beauty of wood. This beeswax can penetrate into the wood and provide aprotective coatingto the wood. It canbring a silky-smooth and shinylooking.


Having the wooden furniture waxed. the rich ingredient cancover the cracksandreduce scratcheson surfaces. With thewater-resistant coating. no more liquids go into the woods causing damages. The beeswax ispure and non-toxic. which is 100%safe for children. To keep your home nice & safe. let's order now!



  • Polish Wooden Surfaces: The beeswax cannourish wooden surfacesand give the wood a silky-smooth feeling.



  • Reduce Scratches & Cracks: The beeswax can form arich and glossy layerto cover all the scratches and dry cracks restoring the natural beauty of the wood.


  • Water-Resistant: The wax acts as awater-proof coatingto prevent any moisture substance from going into the wood.


  • Natural Ingredient: The beeswax is a natural gift that isnon-toxic. It is100% safe for children.
  • Wide Application: The beers can be applied to awide variety of wooden furniturelike table. chairs. cabinets or doors. etc.

Package Included:

  • 1* beeswax 20g